General FAQ


Where are you located?

We have several locations, they include

Near these MRT, Bugis,Lavender Tanjong pagar, Lavender and Kembangam MRT

-What are your operating hours?

We are open daily from 9.00am to 10.00pm. Ending late is alright as user lockup themselves


How do i arrange a viewing?

Please fill this form

Viewing strictly by strictly by appointment

Do you charge GST or are there any hidden costs?

-No, we do not charge GST and there are no hidden costs.

-Who can i ask if i have further questions?

Please fill this form


No problem! Contact us @ 8157 6190 for a appointment to view the room.


Booking Procedure


How do i confirm the booking?

You need to fill the booking form here.

We would send an invoice, as well as address and venue map to your whats app

The booking is only confirmed upon full payment. We would turn down a 5 day booking as long as 3 hour booking is paid

How far ahead should i book in advance?
As a guide, for weekdays 2 weeks ahead, weekends 1 month ahead

What are your cancellation policies?

Once the room is booked and paid cancellation is not allowed. If you need time to be sure yet need a room you can do Soft booking/Pencil Booking

What is Pencil booking?

Pencil booking is the marking a date that you are interested in, we would pencil book for you and call you if someone wants the same slot. No deposit is required for pencil booking, The Pencil Booking is automatically released two weeks from the actual date. Users are only allowed to pencil book one room but different dates time ok


Is a Deposit required?

Yes its needed for use of meeting rooms and also large rooms where the room maybe be dirtied or damaged. The deposit is refundable by the next working day

Facilities FAQ


-Can I bring food or drinks etc. into the room?

Food and Beverage are generally not allowed except for plain water and sandwiches for carpeted room. Tables can be setup to consume food outside. For non carpeted rooms, eating inside is ok

Flip chart paper provided?

Yes we do for Training room 2,5 pcs per day free, Additional pieces at 50 cents per piece. Need to make request for it

Possible to come early for setup?

For hourly bookings 10 mins early if no one is using

For full day setup, 30 mins early, We will give you the password, staff will be at office at 845am

Do you have projector?

For Larger rooms yes for smaller rooms we use a Large screen Tv.

Do you provide the cable? Yes  we do provide cable for VGA and HDMI


Do you provide Speakers? The projector and TV is able tp project sound via HDMI, if you require a speaker, it can be prepared upon request.

Do you have mic ( for larger rooms) yes we can borrow a mic system for $30 charge. The 04-35 room is very squarish,